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Title of photo is "Ringo -Puppy's First Snow
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The Drever is the perfect balance between family companion and endurance hunter. Our purpose is to introduce and educate people in North America on this dog which is so well known and utilized in Sweden. We feel it is extremely important to strive to keep the unique balance of existing characteristics and qualities of the Drever which have been carefully bred for so many years.

Our Mission

The Drever

Swedish Scent Hound
Keen Nose
High Endurance
Versatile Hunter
Drive Hunter
Long Body
Very Sound Structure


Loyal, Loving Family Dog & Incredible Endurance Hunter

The Drever is a wonderful well balanced dog. They are a gentle, perfectly loving and happy member of the family. What Drevers are best known for is their versatile and high endurance drive hunting. They are an excellent scent hound that specializes in tracking and trailing the various prey over long distances towards the hunter. Amazing to see them in action!