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Mission Statement

The Drever is the perfect balance between family companion and endurance hunter.
Our purpose is to introduce and educate people in North America on this dog which is so well known and utilized in Sweden. We feel it is extremely important to strive to keep the unique balance of existing characteristics and qualities of the Drever which have been carefully bred for so many years.




Get along great with most breeds

Great in Groups


 They are a smaller medium dog (Under 16 inches) Any colors, except all white and liver brown, are acceptable as long as the appropriate white markings are visible on the tail, feet, face and neck. People commonly mistake the Drever for a Beagle, a Dachshund or a Basset. They have a smooth coat which is easily maintained and does shed some. They are great dogs for most living situations since they are a very content breed, but they tend to be vocal in play and alerting. They are happy to sit, snuggled up, lounging around with you or run all day. It may sound like a contradiction but that is what makes this dog so versatile and perfect for the family and hunting!.

In Sweden during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, hunting red deer and Roe deer was very difficult due to terrain and herd locations. It was because of this, hunters soon realized the benefits of using this very healthy, short legged, long bodied dog with high endurance to drive the deer over the long distances and rough terrain back to them. The Drever is descended primarily from the German Westphalian Dachsbracke dating back to the 1850’s. They were the larger variety of their German ancestors. The first Drevers were officially registered with the Swedish Kennel Club in 1913. In 1947, to differentiate what had become by this time a well established Swedish line, its name was officially changed to Drever. This name was chosen to describe their ability to track and drive prey. The discovery of just how versatile this breed is and how well they work with most quarry such as fox, rabbit, boar, and racoons has made the Drever Sweden's most popular dog. The Drever is a well structured, powerful, compact and long bodied dog suited for most climates.

Westphalian Dachsbracke
Westphalian Dachsbracke

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