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Activity Ideas

Barn Hunting
Wounded Animal Recon
Scent Work
Shed Hunting
Lure Coursing
Therapy Dog
Hunting/Tracking Trials*

*Always check with local and State regulations before engaging in any hunting type activities

About the Drever…

Classification: Scent Hound, Drive hunter

Size: Medium Dog – 35-40lbs; 13-15” at withers

Temperament: Easy going, gentle breed, gets along well with other animals and people, determined, loyal and playful

Grooming: Short coarse hair, easily maintained. Does shed some. Truly a "Wash-n-Wear" breed.

Things to know: Some like to dig. Because they are a hunter they are not an “off leash” dog. They will follow their nose! Diligent obedience training is a must since they love to hunt. Drevers are very loving, gentle and generally easy going, But they are still a hound which can be stubborn and tenacious requiring dedicated training.

Activity: Drevers love to run and play! They are great companions for any outdoor activity  (hiking, biking, walking, etc.) They love to hang out with their people doing whatever you are doing. Content to be a couch potato as long as have some stimulating daily activity. Happiest with a good balanced routine. Any activity to stimulate their hunting abilities and scent work is greatly enjoyed by the Drever. They are excellent hunters.

Health: Extremely healthy and sound breed. There are no real health issues that plague the Drever. The average life expectancy is 15 years of age. Drevers are very sturdy agile dogs.

Drevers come in a variety of colors.

  • Red
  • Tri-color (red, black and tan)
  • Black and white
  • They can be brindle
  • Must have white on tail tip, all 4 feet &  some on chest, neck and face
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